The Audit Chamber of Ukraine on its website has published the main results of the functioning of the audit services market in Ukraine in 2017.
First of all, it is worth noting the number of subjects of auditing activity reduced during 2017 from 1,008 to 959. The negative dynamics was typical for most regions of Ukraine.
There was a quantitative decrease in the volume of services provided by the subjects of audit activity to customers (by 1124 units), but their total cost increased by 153766,7 thousands UAH. Thus, the average cost per order increased from 55.5 thousands in 2016 to 61.8 thousands in 2017. However, it is worth noting that the highest cost value of audit services was typical for the Kyiv and Kyiv region (90.8 thousands USD in 2016 and 105.8 thousands in 2017).
There were changes in the quantitative and cost characteristics of the assurance services, in particular - in conducting of mandatory and initiative audit. Thus, the total cost of fulfilled tasks for providing assurance to users of financial statements increased by UAH 143.1 million to UAH 990.3 millions compared to 2016. It was conducted at 339 units less of mandatory audit, but 203 units more of initiative audit. To our opinion this demonstrates the growing of interest of economic activity in the voluntary (informal by legal documents) cooperation with the auditor. In this context, the excess of the average cost of the initiative audit service (UAH 279.06 thousands) is above the average cost of mandatory (UAH 46.8 thousands).
According to decreasing of the number of orders for audit and reduction of the number of auditors, there was a tendency towards a certain monopolization on the audit market in Ukraine. The largest value (over UAH 1 million) was recorded for audit services provided by 226 audit firms, services with a value exceeding UAH 10 million were provided by 18 audit firms. Earnings on the audit market of companies that identify themselves with the "G-4" and the international networks of audit firms are growing. The consequence of this problem may be a decrease in the competitiveness of domestic auditors due to the restriction of access to the market of medium and small audit companies.
In view of this, the need to improve the quality control of auditors mechanisms is being updated. At the same time, we need to identify and promote the development of opportunities for professional self-organization of domestic auditors in order to facilitate their access to the market. Doubtless factor in solving the aforementioned problems, to our mind, should be the implementation of professional functions government Audit Chamber of Ukraine.
In particular, we propose to consider the legal restrictions on the amount of income for each audit entity. For example, if in 2017 the volume of the market amounted to UAH 2126868.7 thousands, then in 2018 the maximum amount of revenues of one subject of audit activity would be reasonable to limit 1% of the total market volume for the previous year, which will be UAH 21268.7 thousands. Excess of the indicated amount may be considered as one of the signs of violation of the requirements of the antitrust law, which will give grounds for taking measures by the Audit Chamber of Ukraine. 
Besides, to promote the quality of work of auditors, the proposed approach, we believe, will facilitate the transition of "large" customers of service to national audit companies. The above will increase the income of small and medium business entities in the market of audit services, which will allow them access to resources sufficient to meet the requirements of current legislation on auditing. 
This will increase the number of auditors as a response to the emergence of additional demand for their services by individuals interested in the results of both mandatory and initiative audit. The above, in our opinion, facilitate the development of audit services market in Ukraine due to growth of its members and increase opportunities of access to perform a wide range of tasks. In addition, it will contribute to the structural and financial balance of the audit services market in Ukraine, which will have a positive impact on the development of the economy as a whole.

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