Audit services: steps to meet the expectations of business entities

Quite often, management and business owners invite the auditor to do the services that are mandatory and are determined by current legislation. At the same time, both the customers and users of the results of the auditor's work, in the vast majority, try to interpret the content of the audit, based on their own expectations and understanding.

First of all, it concerns work related to maintaining and restoring accounting, compiling financial statements, providing advice on taxation matters, etc. However, these jobs are not audit.

Therefore, at the conclusion of appropriate agreements auditors should pay attention of the customers for the different types of audit services that different than return, and the results that contribute to the possibility of a different in using. Instead, customers of audit services should be understood that various audit services - an opportunity not only to take into account the requirements of current legislation in the context of obligation.

Any work of the auditor should be aimed at solving specific problems that accompany the activities of economic entities. In particular, the audit entities can offer efficient mechanisms for optimizing management processes, increase the validity of decisions of users of information, minimizing losses, saving of assets.

For this reason many experienced professionals accounting firms, including the International Institute of Audit, develop and implement in practice problems of the methods of diagnosis, improving organizational structure, distribution of authority and responsibility as management personnel at various levels and performers of economic processes. This implementation of this type of tasks together with the implementation of current policies encouraging staff to quality performance of its functions and is able to maximize the realization of customer expectations audit services.

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