Corporate training for the group of companies "Resilient"

International Institute of Audit DFK, together with Institute of Accounting and Finance, conducted a 2-day corporate training for chief accountants of enterprises of the Resilient group of companies.

The first day of the training was devoted to the analysis of recent changes in accounting and taxation and the solution of practical cases on accounting for fixed assets, low-value non-current tangible assets and low-value wear items.

The second day of training went over the discussion of the essence of expenses, their classification and distribution of indirect costs.

“In the conditions of an unstable economy and legislation that is constantly changing, we feel the need for continuous professional development of accounting personnel. Recently, we faced the problem of searching for the chief accountant of the agrarian direction, so we decided to raise our own specialists with the help of corporate training”, said Vitaly Gashchak, chief accountant of the group of companies “Resilient”.

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