In pursuance of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union, some of regulatory documents have changed the regulation of conducting of mandatory audit. 
In particular, criteria for assigning enterprises to different groups, depending on the volume of activity, the size of assets and the number of employees have been introduced. Therefore, the necessity of publishing of their financial statements together with the auditor's report is determined. Mandatory component of the disclosed information whould be the Management Report, on which auditors will express their opinion.
Mandatory disclosure of such information to the WEB-page company indirectly requires its creation and filling of relevant content. The deadlines for disclosure of the financial report and the auditor's report are established. The subjects authorized to control and enforce sanctions for violating the requirements for the disclosure of the specified information has been determined. The size of the administrative penalty for a relevant offense is from 17,000 UAH to 51,000 UAH.
In our opinion, the mandatory audit enables the customer to solve some problems of the company, including:
- improvement of economic work;
- increasing of investment attractiveness;
- eliminating of problems in business processes;
- supplementing of the credit history;
- operative information support of management…
In the context, auditors have the appropriate resources and capabilities to:
1) Show the manager the state of things from the side that he does not see (staff’s competence, efficiency operation services, condition monitoring systems, assets of the company through the eyes of investors and creditors…)
2) Run on behalf of the head of the business its evaluation for sales or investments, measures for increasing of investment attractiveness, development of tax and accounting policies, training of staff…
The value of the work of auditing companies is also conditioned by their ability to provide complex services for customer, in particular: land relations, social and labor relations, valuation of property and land, forensic economic appraisals, investment support, implementation of internal financial and economic investigations, training of personnel, etc.
Thus, the mandatory audit is a real mechanism for improvement of enterprises, protecting the interests of their owners and managers, and as a consequence - an example of successful investments in business development.

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